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The Humans

sound supervisor

Park Square Theater, September 2022

directed by Lily Tung Crystal

scenic design: Erik Paulson
costume design:  Matthew LeFebvre
lighting design:  Karin Olson
sound design:  Katharine Horowitz
props design:  John Novak
wig design:  Andrea Moriarty

intimacy coordinator: Shae Palic

photos by Dan Norman

Shrek the Musical

sound engineer

Artistry, July 2022

directed by Angela Timberman

scenic design: Christopher Heilman
costume design:  Khampian Vang
lighting design:  Kathy Maxwell
sound design:  Katharine Horowitz
props design:  Katie Phillips
wig design:  Brit Hilton

photos by Tommy Sar


associate media & sound designer

Macalester College, April 2019

devised by the ensemble

directed by Wynn Fricke and Claudia Tatinge Nascimento

scenic design: Jay Claire

lighting design: Tom Barrett & Trevor Zapiecki

costume design: Amber Brown

media & sound design: Eliot Gray Fisher

photos by HGA Architects

The Rocky Horror Show

assistant lighting designer

Park Square Theater, October 2019

directed by Ilana Ransom Toeplitz
music director: Andrew Fleser

scenic design: An-Lin Dauber
costume design: Rebecca Bernstein
lighting design: Andrew F. Griffin
sound design: Peter Morrow
props design: Nicole Del Pizzo
wig design: Robert Dunn

photos by Dan Norman

From Puerto Rico, with Love

lighting designer

Teatro del Pueblo, February 2019

directed and devised by Beliza Torres Narváez and Javier Morillo

photos by Al Justiniano


assistant lighting & media designer

Macalester College, November 2016

directed by Harry Waters Jr.
music director: Adam Baus

choreographer: Leah Nelson
scenic & props design: Erica Zaffarano
lighting & media design: Megan Reilly
wardrobe design: Lynn Farrington

photos by David Turner

No Child

lighting designer

Macalester College, November 2017

directed by Faye Price

scenic design: Charlotte Houghton

costume design: Ming Lian

sound design: Fiona Shaw

photos by David Turner

Venus in  Fur

lighting & sound designer

Macalester College, September 2017

directed by Emily Nadel

photos by David Turner

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